Would we fuck you?

too hawt fux for you
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Well, Catie and I, are like sisters from another mister. We love everything, and we're hawt as fux. We're selective with our hawt as fux patrolling. We like many things, and stuff. We girls, and guys. We like weed. We like the same type of music. And so on. We love each other. :]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Cris.
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Do not join if you can not handle criticism.

Rules for applicants:
~Everything must be under a cut.
~No whining if we reject you.
~The mods own you. Don't try to insult one of them, or you will be banned.
~Do not join if your a homophobic.
~Do not type lyk tis. We will not tolerate it.
~If we can not read what you type, you're automatically rejected.
~The title of your application will be, You own me.
~Fill out this application:
Sex orientation:
Martial status:

Why do you want to join?
Why should we accept you?

Do you think you're worthy enough to join this community. If so, explain.

Name 10+ bands:
Name 5+ books:
Name 8+ movies:

Where you promoted:

Last but not least, pictures of yourself. Give us at least three. Remember, more is better!

Rules for members:
~Be as blunt as possible, we love that.
~Do not insult the mods, or you will be banned.
~Stay active. Tell us if you are going on vacation, so we don't kick you out on accident.
~Do not argue with other members. We will find out who starts the argument and we will ban them.
~All pictures must be under a cut!
~Once again, Stay active and vote!

For everyone:

The mods OWN you!