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Would we fuck you? [entries|friends|calendar]
too hawt fux for you

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[13 May 2005|01:36pm]


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[06 Apr 2005|07:02pm]


Okay, so here we go. I made the layout exactly like my lj __harder  but it's okay for now. Once this commnunity is actually up and running, it will look soooo much better.



First update! [05 Apr 2005|04:54pm]
This is the hawt_fux. If you think you're hawt, then apply. Maybe, we will
too. If you are a little kid who has low self-esteem as is, then don't
join. Kthnx.


Image hosted by Photobucket.com That is Catie, which is me.
That is Cris. She's sexier than you, get over it.

Any questions, go to our info. Kthnx.

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